"We are committed to satisfying every need of every customer. That is why we strive to construct the best net weight filling machines, all 100% made in Italy and 100% made in KTF Engineering. We are constantly developing innovative new solutions to benefit our customers and provide excellent pre-sales and after-sales assistance with ultra-rapid response times. KTF Engineering is a consolidated Italian machine constructor with a streamlined production process.
We are nationally and internationally recognised for our superb design and construction and for net weight filling systems that offer a truly excellent quality to price ratio.
Precision is our top priority, and we have been delivering it since 1992".
Ivano & Oriano Falzoni
The founders of KTF Engineering


A customised solution
for every market.

KTF Engineering can satisfy the requirements of small, medium and large companies in the field of net weight filling. Net weight filling technology is superior to all other filling systems in terms of accuracy: it is not affected by air bubbles in the product or variations in temperature, viscosity and density. We serve the home care industry, supplying detergent filling systems for small bottles weighing only a few tens of grams right up to large, 20 litre containers. We can even provide systems for filling highly corrosive products. We also supply a full range of machines for all bottle formats to the personal care sector. Other industries we serve include the pharmaceutical industry, especially for medical and surgical applications, and the petrochemical industry for whom we supply fillers for lubricant and mineral oils. In short, whatever the market, KTF Engineering has a customised solution ready for it.